About Nithyanandam

What is the program about?

In this amazingly profound program, Paramahamsa Nithyananda takes you through an intense and stunning journey inwards. Paramahamsa Nithyananda gifts you with the formula for inner world success which is being grounded and operating from high levels of unperturbed bliss and the formula for outer world success which starts with the energy inside you manifesting as constantly expanding creativity and success outside you. Through this program, you are presented the key to the ultimate way of existing in life which is being Sadashiva inside you and radiating Ishvaratva (ultimate leadership) outside you!

We have so many powers inside us
– The Power of Words
– The Power of Thinking
– The Power of Feeling
– The Power of Life

These are various powers we have inside. For example, a word which you utter can either make or break a relationship. The word we utter can make our life happy or break our life. All these are powers inside us. In Sanskrit we use the word “Kundalini Shakthi”. We have various, multiple, potential powers sitting inside us which are neither awakened nor used.

What is Unclutching?

Nithyanandam is a process that works on your body, mind, physiology, psychology and consciousness to awaken all your potential powers like Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling, and Power of Living, ultimately the power to create a space to make whatever you want as reality. So, Nithyananda is all about awakening the inner potential energy you carry through time-tested, most authentic, powerful ancient Vedic secrets and techniques and methodologies. In Nithyanandam program, you receive initiation into the powerful technique of UNCLUTHING.


Unclutching is a powerful self-sufficient guide to your enlightenment, to upgrade your consciousness. It not only changes the way you perceive reality, it transforms reality itself. Unclutching is a very powerful process which touches the source where the perceiver and perceived both come out. It is the ultimate meditation technique. When you completely unclutch, tremendous awareness, energy and intelligence happens in your system. If we learn this one simple technique of unclutching, we will be able to retain a significant amount of energy in our system, in our being. As a result we will be many times more productive and creative. Relationships will improve. When your consciousness rises, you automatically become a leader of your life, you become God for yourself. – Ishvara for your life.

This program also includes the following components as well:

Delicious, Organic vegetarian Bhaga Shastra Food as per the Agamic scriptures:

Recently, Swamiji made a surprising discovery – the existence of the oldest available Hindu cookbook. The book on Hindu way of cooking, revealed by Mahasadashiva himself. It is known as the Bhaga Shastra - “Food for experiencing Super conscious breakthrough and radiating super-human powers” All participants will be served complete organic food, prepared as per Bhaga Shastra.  Food that detoxes and heals you inside and out.

Nithyananda Kundalini Rajju℠ Yoga is the ultimate way to push the limits of flexibility and strength and is the female, or shakti, counterpart to Shivastambha yoga. Kundalini Rajju–yoga performed on the rope– pushes the yogic body to the next level and focuses on expanding the yogi’s flexibility. Asanas on the rope are designed to elongate the spine and ignite Kundalini Shakti. Through intense flips and twists, the body get detoxified and built into the body of a true yogi.

Nithyananda Shivastambha℠ Yoga: the first form of yoga EVER practiced. Taking modern day yoga to a whole new height, literally. This ancient practice of yoga on a 9 foot pole extracts the qualities of a yogi that are lying dormant within you: power, flexibility, focus & stamina. Performing various asanas on the pole awakens the kundalini, heightens your consciousness and connects you to the Divine, Sadashiva Himself. Performing asanas on the pole brings pure strength to the yogic body.