FAQs – Nithyanandam

1Is there a dress code?
Dress code for Men: White dhoti and Kurta / Agamic attire Dress code for Women: White salwar / White Chudidar / Agamic attire You will need Agamic attire on days of Special Initiations. Agamic attire for men: White dhoti tied as yogavastram, white dhoti as devagacham, white dhoti as hip cloth. (White dhoti should have golden border only – no other color border). Agamic attire for women: White cotton saree with golden border. If you don’t have the above clothes, they are available at the aadheenam. Agamic attire for men (1 set) – Comprises of three pieces – Costs Around 1000-1500/- Agamic attire for women – Comprises of saree, blouse, in skirt – Costs around Rs. 1000/- Dress Code for Yoga sessions for Women: Black tracks / black t-shirt and Black tights (kundalini rajju yoga) Dress Code for Yoga sessions for Men: Black tracks / black t-shirt and Black shorts (shiva stambha yoga)
2Who is eligible to attend this program? Is this open for all? Is there any age limit to attend this program?
Anyone at the age of 7 or above is eligible to attend this program.
3Is food and accommodation included in the program fee?
Food and room style-accommodation is included in the program fee.
4What should I bring for the program? And what will be provided in the program?
For those attending the program physically in Bengaluru aadheenam, you need to bring your Govt. issued ID card (original). All the materials needed for the program (notebook, pen, eyeband) will be provided for you as part of the program. Also, all the required items for Shiva deeksha initiation as per agama will be provided for all those taking the initiation. This includes Guru puja kit, Shiva puja kit, Atmalinga and puja items for your daily puja at the adheenam. If you are attending the program via 2-way video conferencing, please have notebook, pen and eye band ready with you.