Inner Awakening

Inner Awakening

A Whole New Realm of Living


What is the program about?

Inner Awakening® is a 21-day spiritual transformation program through yoga at all levels of body and mind. Deriving various techniques and processes from the Vedic scriptures and teachings like Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga, Gheranda Samhita, Inner Awakening® offers a powerful awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, one’s inner potential, through meditation, spiritual processes, yoga, pranayama, kriyas, and the powerful Shivoham process.

The Awakening of the Kundalini energy by the power of initiation by a rare living incarnation in just 21 days gives you access to a whole new realm of living.

We have so many powers inside us – the Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling, Power of Life. These are various powers we have inside. For example, a word which you utter can either make or break a relationship. The word we utter can make our life happy or break our life. All these are powers inside us. In Sanskrit we use the word “Kundalini Shakthi”. We have various, multiple, potential powers sitting inside us which are neither awakened nor used. Inner Awakening is a process that works on your body, mind, physiology, psychology and consciousness to awaken all your potential powers like Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling, and Power of Living, ultimately the power to create a space to make whatever you want as reality. So, Inner Awakening is all about awakening the inner potential energy you carry through time-tested, most authentic, powerful ancient Vedic secrets and techniques and methodologies.

What is Enlightenment in relation to Inner Awakening?
When you awaken the Power of Words, you become a powerful teacher, orator; just with words you will be able to inspire, enrich millions of people. Same way, if you awaken the Power of Thinking, you will have larger powers with you. If you awaken the Power of Feeling in you, you will expand your life more. If you awaken the Power of Life, that is what is called “Enlightenment”. Power of Life means, ability to create a space in you and make that space into reality. It is possible! It is possible! It is not superstition, it is not something impossible. Enlightenment, basically, makes you understand the Power of Life and gives you the keys to create the space and make your space into reality as you want. Enlightenment is all about living in the peak possibility, living in the highest human potential consciousness, living in your peak energy. So this Inner Awakening is all about living in your peak possibility.

In our brain, we have some mechanical parts of the brain, like which controls your blood flow, breathing, digestion; these are all mechanical parts of the brain. But there are some parts of your brain, the non-mechanical parts of your brain; in Vedic tradition, we call that part as “Kundalini Shakthi”. That part gets awakened only when your Kundalini is awakened. When there is a coherent awakening of all parts of your brain, mechanical and non-mechanical parts, you experience life in your peak possibility in all aspects of your life. Exponentially you go up, and the quality and experience of your life zooms up. So that possibility, that experience is what I call “Inner Awakening”. Awakening all the non-mechanical parts of your brain through the Kundalini awakening is “Inner Awakening”. That is what is called “Enlightenment”.

In Inner Awakening, you get initiated not only to manifest your reality, you also get initiated with the shakti to manifest others’ reality. Here, not only you create the reality you want, you make everyone who is around you to create their reality also as they want. So, as a whole group, as a Sangha, all of us are successful. See, around each one of us there is a family, there is a team. Whether it is in your office or in your house, the team which is around you in your office or in your house or your friends, that team is what I call the “Sangha”.

In Inner Awakening, you will be experientially learning to make your Sangha also realize their reality. So, not only you create your reality, your Sangha, means your family, or your community, or your corporate house team, or your colleagues, all of them are helped by you, enriched by you to make their creation into reality. So, as a whole Sangha, you celebrate your life. That is the uniqueness of Inner Awakening. You will be experiencing a powerful harmony. The most influencing factor on others’ life is harmony. So if you really want to influence, make a difference in others’ lives, you need to bring a powerful harmony. That science of bringing a powerful harmony will be brought to your experience, into your reality, in this Inner Awakening program.

This program also includes the following components as well:
Healer’s Initiation: opens up the incredible door way to healing yourself and others! This is a unique and the only of its kind program in which Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiates you into the phenomenal science of healing. The program has you access the ancient technology of healing – healing not just your own body, mind and soul, but others as well! This extraordinary program leaves you with the natural ability to heal yourself and others at any time and continually radiate vibrant health and energy. You are equipped with the rare ability to instill a new health consciousness in and around you.
eN-Relationships: Man by nature is a social animal. All of us want to effectively relate to people. Yet, many a times, we experience being helpless and powerless in our relationships. In this program, Paramahamsa Nithyananda works on our deeply embedded mental patterns that have contributed to the way we relate to ourselves and others. By the end of this program, you will be left with a never before experience of being powerful and self-expressive in all your relationships. The program leads you from bondage to freedom in all the relationships in your life and has you experience and express the pure loving energy that is at the secret to everlasting fulfillment in all relationships.

eN-Wealth: Wealth is not a thing to be accumulated; it is the very extension of you! In this ground breaking program, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the sacred secrets of wealth creation and celebration – how to create, sustain and celebrate wealth. He shatters all the myths we carry regarding wealth most of which are limiting in nature and restrict our natural ability to create and celebrate wealth. This program dissolves all our restricting thought patterns and beliefs about wealth and equips us with practical techniques to not only create wealth but to also celebrate it!

eN-Health: Health is not just disease-less-ness. In this program, you will experience health as a positive well-being that keeps you completely centered on yourself, full of life and energy! This program introduces you to the one thing that is always with you – your body! Maybe for the first time in your life, you will explore & experience your body’s natural intelligence and healing prowess. You will experience practical meditation techniques for effective “breakdown maintenance” and “preventive maintenance” of your body, mind and being. Paramahamsa Nithyananda shatters all the myths we have always had about health and reveals the sacred secrets for a perfect health. He gives you practical tips and teachings that will enable you to wipe out illness from your body, mind and being. The program includes powerful meditations that holistically instill health & well-being at a physical, mental, psychological and emotional level and instills an irreversible new health consciousness in you resulting in enhanced physical, mental, psychological and emotional health.

Overcome all Fears: The program also deals with all the fears we face in life, a solution to overcome those fears and a very powerful process to help us “reboot” in life. If your computer system doesn’t work, we reboot the OS and reboot kicks of all the unnecessary applications and gives a fresh start to the system. Similarly, in the Nithya Kriya program, you will go through a complete reboot of your physical-mental-emotional system so you can have a fresh start to your life without any past baggage.

Past Life Regression: “You have to know the past to understand the present.” The Past Life Regression program provides a remarkable access to go back to your past lives! In this program, Paramahamsa Nithyananda works on the 2nd layer past as He terms it. The 2nd layer past is all the past we have been through right from the time we took the first body (maybe that of a fish or tortoise) to this moment of our lives. You may end up having a powerful glimpse of your past lives. The program offers intensely cathartic meditations which will leave you with extreme lightness releasing all your past lives burden which you may have been carrying for many many life times. By the end of this program, you will experience an indescribable joy and emptiness within.

Nithyananda Kundalini Rajju℠ Yoga is the ultimate way to push the limits of flexibility and strength and is the female, or shakti, counterpart to Shivastambha yoga. Kundalini Rajju–yoga performed on the rope– pushes the yogic body to the next level and focuses on expanding the yogi’s flexibility. Asanas on the rope are designed to elongate the spine and ignite Kundalini Shakti. Through intense flips and twists, the body get detoxified and built into the body of a true yogi.

Nithyananda Shivastambha℠ Yoga: the first form of yoga EVER practiced. Taking modern day yoga to a whole new height, literally. This ancient practice of yoga on a 9 foot pole extracts the qualities of a yogi that are lying dormant within you: power, flexibility, focus & stamina. Performing various asanas on the pole awakens the kundalini, heightens your consciousness and connects you to the Divine, Sadashiva Himself. Performing asanas on the pole brings pure strength to the yogic body.

What are the powers I will be initiated into during the program and how will it help me in my day to day life?

You will be receiving third eye initiation as part of this program and will start to manifest the shaktis of third eye. The Third eye is an intra-organ, a subtle or non-physical organ that all human beings possess. It is called the ‘Third Eye’ because the moment it is activated, you will be able to see without and beyond your two physical eyes. Blindfolded reading or reading without the need of the two eyes – is the visible side-effect of initiation into Third Eye Awakening. Third Eye Awakening is not a spiritual process alone. Its effects can be directly experienced in your very physical plane. It has clear defined powers that can help you explore not just the mystical path and spiritual experiences, but make so many extraordinary things happen in your day-to-day life.

What Happens During Third Eye Initiation? When a person sits in the Avatar’s presence in a receptive and unclutched mood, and the experience is directly transmitted from the Avatar’s bio-memory to his own bio-memory without any effort on the person’s part, it is called Initiation. The Third Eye can be awakened through initiation (deeksha) – the direct transmission of spiritual energy by the Avatar.

You will be initiated into the following powers during the program:
Power of Body Scanning:
By being in Oneness, a person with an awakened Third Eye can just take a glance and see their own internal organs. In this case, the vision that is blocked by their own skin and muscles is surpassed and the functioning organs are seen. The utility of this power is that any discomfort, uneasiness and disease can be diagnosed before it becomes serious. Using the Third Eye, healing energy can be directed to those organs and they can be healed. When one can see the workings of their own internal organs better, when they scan others’ bodies, they will be able to diagnose and suggest remedies better.

When someone makes a request to have their body scanned, a person with an awakened Third Eye closes their eyes and allows the gaze of the Third Eye to fall on them. What gets revealed is important information regarding physical ailments that the body is undergoing, developing or healing from, at that point in time. The Third Eye can see the energy blockages in the system, and the parts of the body that need attention stand out for the person who is doing the scan.

Many a time, health issues that are at an initial stage of manifestation get revealed during the body scan. Medical tests later have verified such an onset and the early detection helped in ensuring that there was complete recovery and avoiding more serious impact on the body. Not only this, the person doing the body scan can also identify what is causing an ailment to develop in a person and give them healing and spiritual solutions for the healing of their ailments. All diseases begin as a thought pattern. If the thought pattern itself can be dropped, the body also aligns in due course of time. The initiates doing the body scan can also help the person identify the thought patterns causing the disease.

An awakened Third Eye enables one to become nothing less than a human scanning machine! The insights that get revealed is a great service for humanity.

Power of Remote Vision
The initiates into the extraordinary powers of the Third Eye have the ability to see any place from a distance, whether known or unknown to them. All places become available to the vision of such a person. Not only are they able to see the place, but also how the place is being used, what is the character of the place, and many minute details which cannot be known without having visited the place.

Consciousness over Matter:
When initiated into this power, participants have been able to move any object just by looking through your third eye and giving command through your third eye. You will start with moving a coconut just by commanding through your third eye, without touching it.

Moving the coconut through your third eye is not the actual goal. You can use that power to balance your blood pressure, balance your sugar level, heal the aging of your intra organs – these are the powers you can manifest through the power of Consciousness over matter.

When you know the power of consciousness over matter – your internal organs are also matter – reversing the diseases and reversing the ageing is simply a side-effect of this power. If u can move a coconut u can move anything in life.

Mind Reading:
We all live with a lot of blind spots about our own lives. Blind spots are those which push us into unconscious behaviour. Blind spots are the gaps between WHYs and HOWs. The power of mind reading will reveal our own blind spots to us and help us overcome our unconscious patterns and behaviours. You can do mind reading for yourself or for someone else. In the case of someone else, it will help identify what blind spots they are carrying and help them to overcome it. Whenever you do mind reading for someone, that person gets revealed something about them, which they did not know about or did not cognize as.

Third eye reading:
With the third eye awakening, you will be able to read through your third eye just the way you read through your two eyes. Just like the two eyes you have, you have a third possibility to perceive the whole world. The third eye is not just used for seeing alone. It can be used even to hear, touch feel, work. Third eye is a powerful new possibility. It is called the third eye because the moment it is activated the first thing happens is you will be able to see with your two eyes closed.

Manifesting any reality you want:
The third eye awakens not just your ordinary needs, like health, and wealth, but rather, a whole new dimension of life. This happens when your Kundalini Shakti is awakened, and raised to your brow center. Between your eyebrows and nose is the point where the third eye is available. When your third eye is awakened, you start seeing, perceiving all of life as a higher dimension, with higher possibility. Your Kundalini Shakti starts staying in higher planes so it always keeps you in next level of completion, highest energy, highest health, peak possibilities. All your peak possibilities open up.


What is the dress code?

Dress code for Men: White dhoti and Kurta / Agamic attire
Dress code for Women: White salwar / White Chudidar / Agamic attire
You will need Agamic attire on days of Special Initiations.

☻ Agamic attire for men: White dhoti tied as yogavastram, white dhoti as devagacham, white dhoti as hip cloth. (White dhoti should have golden border only – no other color border).
☻ Agamic attire for women: White cotton saree with golden border.

If you don’t have the above clothes, they are available at the aadheenam.
Agamic attire for men (1 set) – Comprises of three pieces – Costs around Rs. 1000-1500/-
Agamic attire for women – Comprises of saree, blouse, in skirt – Costs around Rs. 1000/-

If you are attending the program via 2-way at your own house or at a center, please wear white clothes.

☻ Dress Code for Yoga sessions for Women: Black tracks / black t-shirt and Black tights (kundalini rajju yoga)
☻ Dress Code for Yoga sessions for Men: Black tracks / black t-shirt and Black shorts (shiva stambha yoga)

Yes! I want to attend

♦ For residents of India, the program is priced at INR 4,00,000/-
♦ For residents outside of India, the program is priced at USD 8000/-
♦ Register for the program at IA Registration Form
♦ Once you register, you will receive an email with payment details for the program.
♦ Once you complete your full tuition for the program, you will be receiving your ID number as a confirmation of your payment and link to the Welcome Brochure. You need to use your ID number to finish the rest of your registration formalities, which will be explained in detail in the Welcome Brochure.
♦ This program happens in Bengaluru Adheenam only. You need to travel to India to attend this program. The processes and initiations in this program are of an advanced nature and hence cannot be offered on 2-way video conferencing.