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Discover how to create whatever you want outside you, by creating what you want INSIDE you first.

This is the science of Kalpataru..

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About Kalpataru

This is NOT "positive thinking" or "creative visualization." This is directly using your Consciousness to be a creator. Inside you is a hidden ability to manifest and create whatever you want into reality. This is your Kundalini energy, your inner potential.

Learn these profound useful truths for your life: how to manifest what you want? why do you attract and manifest things you don't want? How to identify and clear blockages that hold you back from manifesting? How to shortcut the trial and error process by applying the power of your consciousness to accelerate shifting your reality? Revived directly from ancient scriptures written by Sadashiva on the nature of man, the universe, and the world.


The Ancient Vedic Method of Manifesting

The ancient Enlightened sages were in complete Oneness with the whole Universe. From this space of oneness they wrote profound scriptures revealing how mankind, through Consciousness, is connected to each other and everything else. Therefore creating and manifesting -- whether its money and abundance, or relationships, or health, or spiritual experiences --- everything that you want to manifest is already within you. The only thing needed is to crack the code of how to mirror what you want outside of you, to happen inside. Kalpataru is that science, taken directly from the ancient scriptures as opposed to some "new age" "positive thinking" methodologies. This ancient science is now being revived by His Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda..

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