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What is the program about?

Nithya Dhyan Yoga program gives you an extraordinary access to powerfully dealing with those impressions, patterns and emotions. There are seven key Chakras or Energy Centers in the human body that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and heart. They deeply influence our physical, emotional and mental state. The presence of these energy centers in our body has now been scientifically documented by Kirlean photography. When any of the energy centers is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the body gets diseased. This changes the physical, mental, and emotional state from ease to 'dis-ease'. This low energy can be felt much before it manifests itself in the physical body as a disease. If we keep the energy centers in a cleansed and energized condition, they can help us live a disease free, stress free, and blissful healthy life.

The seven energy centers are as follows:
Muladhara Chakra - the root center: Experience for the first time being in 'reality'. Experience your energy levels soaring to new heights!
Swadishtana Chakra - the being center: Acquire the ability to confront fear and being in right action in the face of fears that stop you from living life fully! Experience a shift in the way you respond to challenging situations in your life.
Manipuraka Chakra - the navel center: Get rid of all your worries. Experience a worry-free space that leaves you with a unique freedom to mould your life the way you want it not getting stopped by worries and complaints that rule your life.
Anahata Chakra - The Heart Center: Experience pure energy of love explode within you that leaves you with deep reverence and romance with everything in your life.
Vishuddhi Chakra - The Throat Center - Unlock the highest cosmic energy zone in you that leaves you fresh and alive for longer periods of time with the ability to effectively use your energy to do more quality work in less time. Ajna Chakra - The Brow Center - Taste the space of being God where whatever you will, WILL happen! Experience being the author of your life.
Sahasraara Chakra - The Crown Centre - Establish yourself in gratitude and contentment that leaves you in a miraculous space where you are blooming with joy and celebration like never before!

These centers become blocked by our past pains, suffering, fears, worries, and loves. The deep cleansing techniques and meditations in the program dissolve the mental patterns and restrictive emotions that block the energy flowing in our chakras, resulting in physical, mental and psychological ailments.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program leaves you with renewed energy levels, expanding each moment with a fresh and alive experience of life.
- Reduce stress
- Improve sleep
- Overcome fears and worries
- Improve Relationships
- Increase Clarity and Joy
- Create high Energy Levels
- Manifest the powers of Sadashiva!

How will your life be after the program?

Explore your Hidden Potential - Discover how to live free of stress patterns, worry, habits, conflicts with friends and family, procrastination pattern and discover how to improve relationships, increase calmness and clarity, live joyfully with high energy, clarity in thought and decision making.

What are the initiations you will be receiving in the program?
When you attend this program in person in Bengaluru Aadheenam, you will be initiated into a very ancient agamic ritualistic initiation called Shiva Deeksha Level 1. If you are attending this program via 2-way video conferencing, you will be receiving Swamiji’s online initiation into the power of Consciousness over matter.

What is Shiva deeksha level 1?
Sadashiva clearly describes that we, human beings, are Amrtasya Putra meaning ‘sons of immortality’. We are not sinners, in need to repent. We are simply ‘favourite inheritors of the Cosmos - Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam’. Over course of time, we lost the ultimate experience and understanding we had on ourselves. We forgot the power we truly hold in our hands. It needs a simple awakening – awakening of the Third Eye. Sadashiva is the exuberant cosmic energy of Third Eye otherwise known as the Ajna Chakra. Samaya Deeksha is the gateway toward the powers of the third eye. You start manifesting powers of third eye after the Samaya Deeksha. Initiation into Third Eye Awakening by a Living Avatar His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the first quantum jump , the first initiation of transformation of man to divine super human.

What are the powers I will be initiated into during the program and how will it help me in my day to day life?
You will be receiving third eye initiation as part of this program and will start to manifest the shaktis of third eye.
The Third eye is an intra-organ, a subtle or non-physical organ that all human beings possess. It is called the ‘Third Eye’ because the moment it is activated, you will be able to see without and beyond your two physical eyes. Blindfolded reading or reading without the need of the two eyes – is the visible side-effect of initiation into Third Eye Awakening. Third Eye Awakening is not a spiritual process alone. Its effects can be directly experienced in your very physical plane. It has clear defined powers that can help you explore not just the mystical path and spiritual experiences, but make so many extraordinary things happen in your day-to-day life.

You will be initiated into the power of “Chakra scanning”
Chakra Scanning: By being in Oneness, a person with an awakened Third Eye can just take a glance and see their chakras and what is blocking those chakras. In this case, the chakras which exist in the metaphysical plane can be seen through the awakened third eye, they can see how they are functioning and what is blocking those chakras as well. The utility of this power is that any discomfort, uneasiness and disease can be diagnosed before it becomes serious. One can even deduct in which pattern / emotion each person is stuck and prescribe solutions for them.

What is the cost of the program and how can I pay?
For residents of India, the program is priced at INR 2000/-
For residents outside of India, the program is priced at USD 100/-

Once I pay for the program, what is my next step?
Once you pay for the program, you will be receiving a link in your email to the Consent and Release form for the program. Once you sign the form, the form will redirect you the 2-way video conferencing login information.

Where can I attend this program? Can I attend this program from my own house? Link to 2-way satsang centers with their contact numbers.
This program happens in Bengaluru Adheenam or on 2-way video conferencing. It is offered absolutely free of cost. When you do the program via 2-way video conferencing, you will be receiving Swamiji’s initiation into the powers, however only those participants attending the program in Bengaluru Aadheenam will be eligible to take Shiva deeksha level 1.

What is the dress code for the program?

you are attending the program via 2-way at your own house or at a center, please wear white clothes.
If you are attending the program at Bengaluru aadheenam, please come in agamic attire only.

Agamic attire for men: White dhoti tied as yogavastram, white dhoti as devagacham, white dhoti as hip cloth. (White dhoti shld have golden bonder only – no other color border).
Agamic attire for women: White cotton saree with golden border.

If you don’t have the above clothes, you can purchase them at the adheenam.
Agamic attire for men (1 set) – Comprises of three pieces – Costs Around 1000-1500/-
Agamic attire for women – Comprises of Saree, blouse, in skirt – Costs around Rs. 1000/-

Is food and accommodation included in the program fee?

If you attend the program physically in the Bengaluru adheenam, food and dormitory style shared accommodation is provided free of cost for all program attendees.

Accommodation for those attending at Bengakuru Aadeenham.
If you are attending NDY, you will stay in the dorms on campus. You have complimentary stay one night before the program starts (on Friday night) and two nights during the program (Sat/Sun). On the Monday morning you must vacate the premises by 12pm.

What should I bring for the program? And what will be provided in the program?
If you are attending the program via 2-way video conferencing, please have notebook, pen and eye band ready with you.
For those attending the program physically in Bengaluru aadheenam, you need to bring your Govt. issued ID card (original). All the materials needed for the program (notebook, pen, eyeband) will be provided for you as part of the program.
Also, all the required items for Shiva deeksha initiation as per agama will be provided for all those taking the initiation. This includes
• Mantra cards,
• Bhasma bag (sacred ash bag),
• Shiva deeksha name certificate and
• Sacred thread for Gayathri Initiation.

Who is eligible to attend this program? Is this open for all? Is there any age limit to attend this program?
This program is open to public. Anyone can attend this program. There is no age limit for the program. If you are bringing your small child, it is the parent’s / gaurdian’s responsibility to ensure the child doesn’t disturb the space of the class (by either crying or running around).

What is the next step after attending the program?
You can choose to do the Nithya Kriya Yoga (level 2) followed by Nithyanandam (level 3) or directly choose to do Inner Awakening or Mahasadashivoham.

Important documents to be completed before arrival:
Consent and release form: Click Here

*Please specify if you have any known medical conditions. If you take any medications/supplements please be sure to bring sufficient medicines wih you for the full duration of the program.
*If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies please inform us.

How to reach Bengaluru Aadeenham
By Air
Bengaluru International Airport or Kempegowda International Airport (Airport code: BLR) is a public airport located at Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300 – 75.6 km northeast of Bidadi, Ramanagaram, India. The Airport is approximately 1 h 46 minutes traveling distance from the Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam (Inner Awakening program Location).

By Train
Bidadi is served by a major railway junction, Bengaluru City Junction (SBC). Many trains arrive at Bidadi Junction (station code: BID). Bidadi railway station is about 3kms from the Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam.
Taxi Rates: From Airport – Aadheenam : Rs. 1800 -2000 (USD 26 – 28)
Auto Rickshaw rates: From Bidadi Railway station – Aadheenam : Rs. 80 – 150 (USD 2 – 3)

For Visa requirements:
Reference in India (Immigration requirement when you enter India)
Name : Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami
Nithyananda Peetham,
Bengaluru Aadheenam, Nithyanandapuri,
Kallugopahalli, Bidadi, Karnataka 562109,
Phone: +99 80083137
email: [email protected]