Featuring Third Eye initiation into spiritual powers by His Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Master Your Mind with Unclutching, and Expand Your Third Eye Powers With Initiations.

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About "Nithyanandam"

This 10 day program will totally rewire your body, mind, and being to live powerfully. You will receive Third Eye initiation directly from Swamiji, as well as multiple sacred initiations to manifest various spiritual powers which will put you in a state of Oneness and power-fullness, where you are master of your life and reality, even things that seem to be out of your control.


Introduction to Completion

Experience the ancient science of Completion, which is a method to re-establish yourself in higher consciousness, and automatically drop attachments and negative emotions to anything which holds you back in life. Pains, sufferings, guilt, and wrong beliefs from years or a whole lifetime can be easily and instantly dissolved simply through the power of Completion, when done authentically as per the ancient tradition.

You will powerfully experience the Completion process, taken directly from the ancient Shiva Sutras scriptures written by SadaShiva himself, re-discovered and revived by His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Completion will make you whole, powerful, and without the feeling of weight and friction in your inner space.


Initiations You Will Receive

Here's just several which you will experience during the 10 Day Nithyanandam Program

Shiva Deeksha Levels 1 & 2

Establish and experience direct connection and relationship with Sadashiva.

Vaak Shakthi

For scanning and diagnosing the source of issues in health, wealth, relationships -- for yourself, or anyone else.

Remote Vision

Using Third Eye, scan and see people, situations, places, and whatever needs to be revealed to you about them.

Third Eye Downloading

Power of giving life critical solutions through third eye.

Experience the Power of the Ancient Vedic Tradition to Raise Your Consciousness

See spiritual technologies of Sanatana Hindu Dharma come alive during the program


Vedic Rituals


Direct Initiation by Swamiji


Yoga & Detox


Bhaga Shastra Food


Energized Gifts from Swamiji

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