Experience Breakthrough Healing

Purify your 5 Koshas (energy bodies) and bring profound spiritual healing at physical, pranic, mental, emotional, karmic, and nirvanic layers.

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About the program

This is a unique program designed to help each of us live life with greater clarity by conquering all pain and fear. Seven scientifically designed meditation techniques allow us to cleanse each Energy body.

These techniques bring about great intellectual clarity, making life a joyous celebration. All apprehensions, doubts, concerns, and scientific theories concerning spiritual topics can be opened and discussed.

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Heal Your 5 Koshas

5 Days Program featuring Initiations (Deeksha) by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to cleanse the 5 energy bodies which cover the Soul, or Ultimate Self.

The Nithya Kriya Yoga Program goes far beyond just cleansing your Chakras. It totally cleanses your 5 Koshas (energy bodies) which are responsible for all pain, suffering, conflict, confusion, and lack of fulfillment in your life.


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