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Uttamottama means the best of bests. Whatever we offer to Sadashiva comes back to us in thousand fold many million fold. And Sadashiva is the source of everything be in grains or knowledge or skill or people everything. Offering the best of bests is the way we can offer our gratitude to Sadashiva and being integrated to Him and His words ie Agamas is the only thing we can actually offer Him. Hence as per the instructions of Mahasadashiva in the physical form the sachalamurthy the Avatar Swamiji we offer this seva to Nithyanandeshwara Mahasadashiva, the presiding deity of the Nithyananda Sangha


"Abhishekam, vastram, gandham, abharanam, archanam, dhupam,deepam, naivedyam, aratrikam, deepopacharam pushpanjali, chaturvedam Grihyasutram, agamam stotram, dravidavedam nrityam, sangeetam, vaadyam swastivachanam"

Reason - the source of all these best things is Sadashiva. He has given these to us. Offering them back at His feet is what we do during the puja whereby we experience intense shaktinipata and Advaita oneness with Him and as a result we live the state radiate the space and manifest the shaktis of mahasadashiva. And also since it is agama vidhi ie Sadashiva's instructions, we offer them during puja. And Puja is a kriya and kriya forms one pada of agama, in the agamic lifestyle offering these are needed as per Sadashiva's instructions

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